Christine Saari Yoga Therapy

Christine Saari Yoga Therapy

Christine Saari Yoga Therapy

Christine Saari Yoga Therapy

The only box you need to check is the one that says
you want to feel better.

Accepting new clients worldwide for telehealth. Connecticut office locations in New Haven and Madison.

Get help with your physical and mental health conditions. Specializing in anxiety and trauma recovery.

Pediatric and adults. No experience needed.

The only box you need to check is the one that says
you want to feel better.

Christine Saari yoga therapy

Accepting new clients worldwide for telehealth. Connecticut office locations in New Haven and Madison.

Get help with your physical and mental health conditions. Specializing in anxiety and trauma recovery.

Pediatric and adults. No experience needed.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapists empower people to work with a wide variety of physical and mental health conditions, such as anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress-related disorders, depression, eating disorders, addiction, chronic pain, back pain, fatigue, autoimmune disease, respiratory conditions, bone disease, heart disease, bowel disorders, and more.

Yoga Therapists develop metrics collaboratively with the client and select safe, appropriate and effective therapeutic techniques, including physical yoga, breathing and meditation. Current research supports the efficacy of these practices.

Yoga Therapy is rapidly emerging as a complementary yet distinctly different model to address underlying health conditions that are often not responsive to Western interventions alone.

Read my blog post on how I work and what to expect as a client here.

Meet Christine, MA, E-RYT, C-BDYT, C-IAYT

I’m so glad you’ve found me and have taken the first step toward beginning your yoga practice and healing yourself from within.

I hold a certification from the Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 200 yoga instructor and have completed my training and certification in yoga therapy through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy (C-BDYT). Additionally, I am a certified C-IAYT member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

I began learning yoga right at home in my living room. Many years later, my home practice still brings me a sense of peace, even healing my lifelong struggle with anxiety.

Years before I discovered yoga, I experienced flow states in my former career as a classical flutist. Flow states give a feeling of effortless effort and complete immersion in a present experience. These states are similar to the Yogic state of samadhi, or bliss, and they arise not from trying, but rather from the mundanity of regular practice. And so, to this day, I continue to practice! But now, I practice Yogic breathwork and meditation rather than musical breathing and scales.

I’m privileged to work with a diverse clientele from around the world, helping them cultivate well-being, healing, and ease in their lives. I co-founded Yoga Therapy Associates with fellow yoga therapist Sara Merrick-Albano, with the goal of expanding access to yoga therapy through partnerships and ongoing education for healthcare professionals.

I also contribute regularly to the Yoga Therapy Associates blog, sharing insights into the research supporting the evolving field of yoga therapy.

I continue to follow the tradition of passing down the wisdom of a lifelong practice from teacher to student, and it brings me immense joy to guide each of my clients in creating a home yoga practice.

I eagerly anticipate getting to know you as you explore your personal yoga journey.


My Approach

One Teacher. One Student.​ Called parampara in the Yoga tradition, my approach is part of a longstanding oral tradition honoring the uniqueness of each student’s journey through one-on-one education. In Yoga Therapy, the therapeutic relationship is one of partnership, empowering the client to take a leading role in self-healing.​

My approach gives you:

  • The freedom and privacy to explore applying therapeutic yoga practices to aid you in healing through home practice
  • A truly customized experience designed with your unique goals, your wellness and your curiosity in mind
  • The support you need to develop your home practice safely as we utilize a wider variety of aids and practices than are commonly offered in a public studio

Welcoming all ages, abilities, experience and health conditions.

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“As someone who has battled anxiety for most of my life, [Christine] introduced me to new, effective breathing techniques and poses to counteract my anxiety symptoms. I highly recommend Christine if you struggle with anxiety or if you are just looking for a different approach to finding a sense of peace and calm.”
–Jen K.

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“I’m a retired law enforcement officer from the New Haven area. So when I was introduced to Christine I wasn’t sure if her practice could help me with my depression, anxiety and my divorce. But I was blown away after a few sessions with Christine in seeing how extremely passionate she was about her craft and deeply knowledgeable. I’m happy to say, after learning yoga and meditation techniques from Christine has changed my life for the better.”
–Usha C.
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“I have metastatic breast cancer and thought I’d give yoga therapy a try. It’s been 4 months meeting with Christine, and I have changed. I’ve been able to experience YOGA like I never thought I could. I find peace within myself, and when I’m not finding it, I know how to get there now. Having these tools gives me hope, health and better quality of day-to-day life. [Christine] seriously knows her craft and I’m thankful she is sharing it.”
–Rebecca B.
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“I was suffering from severe anxiety and mental distress that could not be cured by traditional therapy or medications. Panic attacks occurred more and more frequently. Now, if I feel a stress trigger coming on, I use the breathing and relaxation techniques [Christine] has taught me and feel completely fine within a couple of minutes. She has changed my life for the better in a dramatic way. I could not give a higher recommendation, especially to those who have been unsuccessful treating anxiety issues with medication or therapy.”
–Dan D.
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“I have had numerous spinal surgeries. I am a veteran of about every non-drug treatment for my back (i.e. chiropractor, massage, electronic stimulation, P.T., and on) doing different techniques over the past 25 years.
Christine does a fantastic job of finding the right moves, making sure I am doing them right, even tweaking moves for my particular condition. It is the same as doing physical therapy (I can feel those same muscles being worked,) but with the mental relaxation that comes with a massage. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”
–Sebastian D.

What to Expect

Worried about performing postures? Don’t be! Many clients have never done yoga before, and for some, physical yoga practices are not possible due to illness or injury. Yoga therapy offers you a level of safety, customization, privacy, convenience, and specific consideration that is not possible in a public group class at a yoga studio. Adaptive Yoga for special needs and supporting accommodations are always available. If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

Yoga Therapy services begin with a free initial phone consultation to see if it’s right for you.

​The 90-minute Yoga Therapy Intake Session is an opportunity to discuss your situation in depth in a supportive and comfortable setting. Receive an honest initial assessment of whether Yoga Therapy is likely to help, and your expected investment. This discussion usually includes an estimated number, frequency and duration of appointments, and the time you might expect to spend on home practices. For those with communication challenges or those under 18, a trusted advocate, partner or parent is encouraged to attend the Intake Session with you.

If you determine that Yoga Therapy is right for you, we’ll then book your first session via telehealth or at one of the CT locations. We’ll come up with a treatment plan for your circumstances. Sessions might be initially weekly, then later on the could be bi-weekly, monthly, or as needed.

A typical 50-minute working Yoga Therapy session includes a check-in to discuss how you are doing, your recent experiences and your health status. There is time to ask any questions you have regarding your home practices. The bulk of the session is spent experiencing, learning, and refining practices. There is time at the end to reflect, receive any new home practices, and discuss any other objectives. Take-home materials may include printed sequences, video and/or audio aids for your exclusive use.

Telehealth & In-Person Options

Yoga Therapy is offered via telehealth and at two Connecticut locations in-person.

Telehealth: Serving clients locally and worldwide in the English language. Inquire about finding a session time compatible with your time zone.

New Haven, CT: The New Haven office is located on the Downtown Green in the Financial Building at 157 Church Street on the 19th Floor.

Madison, CT: The Madison office is located at 786 Boston Post Road.

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