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5 Golden Lessons from Pogi-the-Yogi: A Dog’s Way To Wellness

In a world where adulting and responsibilities often make us human-folk feel like chasing our own tails, I’ve discovered that the key to a more balanced and joyful life isn’t found in meditation apps or fancy yoga classes. No, it’s found right under my nose in the form of my goldendoodle, Pogo, or as I lovingly call her, Pogi-the-Yogi.

1. “Paws” and Savor the Moment

Pogi-the-Yogi knows the secret to finding peace: savoring the present moment. When life gets a little too “ruff,” I follow her lead, taking a moment to paws and inhale the scent of fresh air, feel the ground beneath my feet, and forget about the worries that us humans tend to carry around.

2. Unleash Unconditional Calm

Stress is like chasing a squirrel that’s never caught – it’s a game you’ll never win. Pogo teaches me to release that unnecessary tension and embrace unconditional calm. She doesn’t judge, hold grudges, or stress about minor slip-ups. So why should I? We celebrate the simple joys of life, like a good belly rub or a snuggly storytime all piled together in her Boy’s twin bed.

3. Keep It Simple, Silly!

Pogo’s approach to life is brilliantly simple. She’s got a knack for finding joy in life’s basic pleasures – whether it’s racing around the yard like a small horse, sprawling on the cold tile, or feeling the wind in her ears (did somebody say “car ride?!?”)… With Pogi-the-Yogi as my spirit guide, I’ve learned to simplify life, not take myself too seriously, and appreciate life’s simple pleasures.

4. Keep That Breath Flowing!

Just like your Lulu lovers and Athelafans, Pogo understands the importance of the “yoga pant”. Her rhythmic inhales and exhales are strangely calming, and even though I haven’t been able to get her to do her signature “Big Breath” on command yet, her well-timed audible sighs serve as a gentle reminder that, sometimes, the best course of action is to outfit yourself with a deep breath.

5. Share the Good Vibes

Everyone who visits our house and braves her greetings eventually discovers that Pogo’s positive vibes are absolutely contagious. Considering the fur day she’s always fetching, her ‘messy-hair-don’t-care’ attitude exudes an infectious shaggy joy that’s sure to bring smiles to those around her. Together, we’ve learned that sharing joy and spreading positivity is a special treat from a bottomless jar.

In Closing

Being a Yogi means finding teachings everywhere; the world is your teacher, your own heart is your teacher (howling out ‘Om Namah Shivaya!’), your mind’s eye is your teacher… and sometimes, your dog is your teacher. Just maybe, could your dog be the one to help you “embark” on your journey to live the teachings of yoga in the world right in front of you?


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